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Version: 1.11.0

Installing WordPress with Epinio

Create a directory for your application

mkdir wordpress
cd wordpress

Get the code

tar xvf latest.tar.gz
cd wordpress

Enable the needed PHP extensions

The PHP buildpack supports additional INI files for PHP through the PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR mechanism.

For WordPress to work, there are certain PHP extensions that need enabling:

# This is still needed
mkdir .php.ini.d
cat << EOF > .php.ini.d/extensions.ini


epinio push --name wordpress

Additional steps

WordPress needs a database to work. After visiting the route of your deployed application, you have to set the connection details to the database.

You can use the Service feature to deploy your database with Epinio. Deploying a database manually is still possible.

Check the README of the example app, on how to create a database and how to configure WordPress to use it.