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Version: 1.8.1

How to separate the application's ingress from the epinio server ingress

By default applications deployed through Epinio share their ingress class with Epinio's API server.

In a situation where this kind of behaviour is not wanted the desired separation is achieved by setting the helm template variable server.ingressClassName to the name of the ingress class to use for application ingress':

helm install \
--set server.ingressClassName=nginx
... (other options here) \
epinio epinio/epinio

In order to use this application ingress together with a domain other than the one from the helm template variable global.domain, the user can use --route flag when pushing an application through the Epinio cli or similarly by setting a Route value via the Epinio Web UI. The route value must contain the entire domain used by the application.

epinio app push -n sample -p . --route