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Version: 1.2.0

Kubernetes Cluster Requirements

For the Epinio server, and related deployments we recommend to consider the following resources:

  • x86_64, ARM32, or ARM64 architecture
  • Supported operating systems
  • Kubernetes versions 1.20 .. 1.23
  • 2-4 VCPUs
  • 8GB RAM (system memory + 4GB)
  • 10GB Disk space (system disk + 5GB)

In addition, extensive requirements for your workload (apps) would add to that.

Storage Class

A default storage class (with annotation "true") is needed.

Load Balancer

Epinio (Traefik) requires a load-balancer. Depending on your target infrastructure, you can use embedded ones (like on Public Cloud, K3d, aso.) or configure your own. Also see Provision of External IP for LoadBalancer service type in Kubernetes for more information.


While Kubernetes v1.22 is supported there is an issue when the container runtime is containerd > 1.5.6: the pack cli is placing too much information into the image layers (relevant issue).

This was fixed in version v1.5.8 of containerd, and the updated runtime is available from Kubernetes v1.22.4 onwward, so if you have a lower version please update.