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Version: 0.9.0

How to setup external Epinio registry

Epinio allows the use of an external registry for the storage of application images. This can be achieved by setting the following variables during the helm install:

helm install \
--set containerregistry.enabled=false \
--set global.registryURL=$REGISTRY_URL \
--set global.registryNamespace=$REGISTRY_NAMESPACE \
--set global.registryUsername=$REGISTRY_USER \
--set global.registryPassword=$REGISTRY_PASSWORD \
... (other options here) \
epinio epinio/epinio

Using dockerhub as an example, the user would have to set the value of $REGISTRY_URL to, $REGISTRY_USER and $REGISTRY_PASSWORD would be set to the dockerhub credentials, and $REGISTRY_NAMESPACE would be either an organization or the username.

When the above arguments are set, Epinio doesn't deploy a registry on the cluster.