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epinio service port-forward

forward one or more local ports to a service SERVICENAME

epinio service port-forward SERVICENAME [LOCAL_PORT] [...[LOCAL_PORT_N]] [flags]


      --address strings   Addresses to listen on (comma separated). Only accepts IP addresses or localhost as a value. When localhost is supplied, kubectl will try to bind on both and ::1 and will fail if neither of these addresses are available to bind. (default [localhost])
-h, --help help for port-forward

Options inherited from parent commands

  -H, --header stringArray       Add custom header to every request executed
-c, --kubeconfig string (KUBECONFIG) path to a kubeconfig, not required in-cluster
--no-colors Suppress colorized output
--settings-file string (EPINIO_SETTINGS) set path of settings file (default "~/.config/epinio/settings.yaml")
--skip-ssl-verification (SKIP_SSL_VERIFICATION) Skip the verification of TLS certificates
--timeout-multiplier int (EPINIO_TIMEOUT_MULTIPLIER) Multiply timeouts by this factor (default 1)
--trace-file string (TRACE_FILE) Print trace messages to the specified file
--trace-level int (TRACE_LEVEL) Only print trace messages at or above this level (0 to 255, default 0, print nothing)
--trace-output string (TRACE_OUTPUT) Sets trace output format [text,json] (default "text")
--verbosity int (VERBOSITY) Only print progress messages at or above this level (0 or 1, default 0)