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Epinio design principles

These principles guide Epinio's development:

  • Good developer experience

    • single command push for short learning curve
    • good documentation
  • Edge computing friendly

    • fit in less than 4 GB of RAM
    • consistent tooling across environments
    • open APIs
  • Easy installation and removal, minimum complexity

    • installation time less than 5 minutes when images are warm
    • installation with a one-line command and zero configuration
    • removal with a single line command leaving the cluster in its prior state
    • must scale from a local desktop to a data center environment
  • API driven architecture

    • splitting the client and server components
    • scalability, parallel, scalable developer development
    • hiding the complexity
    • DevOps friendly
  • Security focused

  • Other guidelines

    • prefer components written in Go
    • prefer Kubernetes primitives over custom resources
    • prefer well known components with active community over custom code
    • acceptance tests should complete less than 10 minutes
    • tests should be able to run on a minimal Epinio cluster installation