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Version: 1.11.0

Exporting applications to an OCI registry


This isn't the same topic as external Epinio registries. These are where Epinio stashes the images of staged applications for its own use. See Setting Up An External Container Registry for more information.

Export destination registries are where a user saves active applications for pickup by, and use with, helm and other Kubernetes tools.

It doesn't aid understanding that it's acceptable to configure the same registry both as external registry and as export target.

How to export applications to an OCI registry


epinio export-registries

This prints the list of valid destinations.

Then invoke:

epinio app export --registry destination appname

This performs the export.


Replace destination with the name of the desired target and appname with the name of the application to export.

As shown the command uses defaults for the names, versions, and tags of helm chart and container image. These are:

ComponentDefault NameDefault Version/Tag
Helm chart(namespace)-(appname)-chart0.0.0
Container image(namespace)-(appname)-image(stageID)

Use the command epinio app show (the-app-name) to see the stageID of the application.

You can change all parts with the command flags:

  • --chart-name
  • --chart-version
  • --image-name
  • --image-tag