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Version: 1.1.0

Customization point: Source Code Storage

Epinio saves the uploaded sources of applications to be deployed to an S3 compatible storage system. The staging process then retrieves the sources from that storage.

By default Epinio uses minio as the store, as an internal component.

To use an external S3 compatible storage it is necessary to

  • Set chart key minio.enabled=false, and

  • the various S3 connection keys, i.e.

    • s3.endpoint
    • s3.bucket
    • s3.region
    • s3.accessKeyID
    • s3.secretAccessKey

    to suitable values. The keys s3.useSSL and s3.certificateSecret are usually not required.

  • Set s3.useSSL=false if and only if open unencrypted communication is truly desired.

  • Set s3.certificateSecret to the secret holding a cert if and only if the chosen storage uses a self-signed certificate. This is not expected to be the case in production deployments.