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Version: 0.8.0

epinio push

epinio push

Push an application declared in the specified manifest

epinio push [flags] [PATH_TO_APPLICATION_MANIFEST]


      --app-chart string             App chart to use for deployment
-b, --bind strings configurations to bind immediately
--builder-image string Paketo builder image to use for staging
--container-image-url string Container image url for the app workload image
-e, --env strings environment variables to be used
-g, --git string Git repository and revision of sources separated by comma (e.g. GIT_URL,REVISION)
-h, --help help for push
-i, --instances int32 The number of instances the application should have (default 1)
-n, --name string Application name. (mandatory if no manifest is provided)
-p, --path string Path to application sources.
-r, --route strings Custom route to use for the application (a subdomain of the default domain will be used if this is not set). Can be set multiple times to use multiple routes with the same application.

Options inherited from parent commands

  -c, --kubeconfig string        (KUBECONFIG) path to a kubeconfig, not required in-cluster
--no-colors Suppress colorized output
--settings-file string (EPINIO_SETTINGS) set path of settings file (default "~/.config/epinio/settings.yaml")
--skip-ssl-verification (SKIP_SSL_VERIFICATION) Skip the verification of TLS certificates
--timeout-multiplier int (EPINIO_TIMEOUT_MULTIPLIER) Multiply timeouts by this factor (default 1)
--trace-level int (TRACE_LEVEL) Only print trace messages at or above this level (0 to 255, default 0, print nothing)
--verbosity int (VERBOSITY) Only print progress messages at or above this level (0 or 1, default 0)