Installing Epinio with the official Helm chart

The helm chart code is hosted in this GitHub repo.


Helm must be installed to use the chart. Please refer to Helm's documentation to get started.

Once Helm has been set up correctly, add the repo as follows:

helm repo add epinio-helm-chart

If you had already added this repo earlier, run helm repo update to fetch the latest versions of the package. You can then run helm search repo epinio-helm-chart to see the chart.

To install the epinio chart:

helm install my-epinio epinio-helm-chart/epinio

At the end of the installation, usefull information will be printed to help you to start working with your fresh Epinio deployment.

To uninstall the chart:

helm delete my-epinio

Customize the deployment

Like other Helm charts, the default values are stored in the values.yaml file.
You can specify another file with -f or simply overload a value with --set.

helm install my-epinio epinio-helm-chart/epinio --set

All the installation options are described here.