Rancher RKE2 configuration

Create an RKE2 cluster

If you don't have an existing cluster, follow the quickstart to create an RKE2 cluster.

RKE2 Prerequisites

  • A load-balancer is mandatory for Epinio to work on RKE2. Here MetalLB was used as load-balancer. See Provision of External IP for LoadBalancer service type in Kubernetes for more information.
  • Epinio v0.1.0 has been tested with Rancher RKE2 incl. kubernetes version v1.21.4+rke2r3
  • Epinio installation passed on a 3 node cluster (1 server, 2 agents) with Longhorn v1.1.1 storage class


Beside advanced installation options, there are two ways of installing Epinio:

  1. Installation using a MagicDNS Service
  • For test environments. This should work on nearly any kubernetes distribution. Epinio will try to automatically create a magic DNS domain, e.g.
  1. Installation using a Custom Domain
  • For test and production environments. You will define a system domain, e.g. test.example.com.