Install Epinio using a Magic DNS Service

This is about just running epinio install. It should work on nearly any kubernetes distribution and provides you with a test environment. You will automatically get a magic wildcard domain like "" which points to the public IP of Traefik.

Install the Epinio CLI

If not done already, refer to Install the Epinio CLI.

Install Epinio on the Cluster

epinio install



In case of trouble with Epinio's Traefik component or Ingress controllers, the Traefik section in the Advanced Topics document shall be your friend.

DNS Rebind Protection

Some routers filter queries where the answer consists of IP addresses from the private range, like "".

This stops a malicous website from probing the local network for hosts.

Amongst those routers is the AVM FRITZBox and everything that uses dnsmasq with stop-dns-rebind, like pfSense or NetworkManager.

If you still want to use the default magic DNS, you'll have to whitelist in your local DNS server.