Installation of the Epinio CLI

Before you begin

If not done already, refer to System Requirements.

Install Dependencies

  • kubectl: Follow instructions here:
  • helm: Follow instructions here:

Install Epinio CLI

Download the Binary

Find the latest version at Releases. Run one of the commands below, and replace <epinio-version> with the version of your choice, e.g. "v0.1.0".

curl -o epinio -L<epinio-version>/epinio-linux-amd64
curl -o epinio -L<epinio-version>/epinio-darwin-amd64
 curl -LO<epinio-version>/epinio-windows-amd64.exe

Make the Binary Executable

For example on Linux and Mac:

chmod +x epinio

Move the binary to your PATH

sudo mv ./epinio /usr/local/bin/epinio

Verify the Installation

Run e.g. epinio version to test the successful installation.

> epinio version
Epinio Version: v0.1.0
Go Version: go1.17